Amazing Tibet

We have read about this roof of the world in the pages of geography books. And for a generation of people making a tour to this mysterious plateau remained an unfulfilled dream due to a number of international political tangles. But hopefully for us, Tibet travel is no longer a big problem, either from abroad or from inside China, thanks to the Tibet railway.

In the past a Tibet tour implied a range of restrictions and unsolicited governmental interference. But the days have changed. Still you need some permits and other documents for Tibet travel, but the Tibet Railway ensures that you experience a safe and secure journey all though this amazing part of China.

There are a number of ways how you can reach this ancient land. You can catch one of the daily flights to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet from Beijing and Chengdu or from Kathmandu in Nepal.

So far as accommodations and meals are concerned, you can rest assured of getting all the amenities of international standard. You can take the help of the number of professional Tibet tour operators having internet presence. They will also help you to obtain necessary travel permit to freely move around the country.

Do not make the mistake of trying to enter Tibet with a Chinese visa only. You have to obtain the permit first to enter the TAR. Even then it is not permissible for the foreign tourists to roam freely in certain areas of Tibet.

There are a number of means for getting around in the country. But for the foreign visitors, taking a train to Tibet from any part of the Northern China can be a revelation of some kind. The Tibet railway now makes it possible to cover a long distance on rail.

The experience of traveling on Tibet Railway will be an experience of lifetime. The breath taking beauty of the rough terrains of this little known land will unfold gradually before your eyes as you take your long distance journey on Tibet railways.


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