Animals that symbolize love in China

Animal symbolism has a long history in Chinese culture. The famed zodiac animals are one such example of creatures representing notable characteristics and themes. However, this is not the only instance of Chinese animal symbolism; there are several creatures, both real and mythical, that represent romantic themes and ideas related to love.

Mandarin ducks are one of the most well-known symbols of romantic love in Chinese culture. The ducks, which always come in a pair, are a common icon in fengshui design techniques. Suggesting dedication, fondness, marital faithfulness, collectively and endless romance, when placed near the owners the Mandarin ducks are said to attract romantic bonds and heal marital relationships.

Other images of paired birds can also symbolize the love relationship. For instance, the inseparable king birds, also known simply as love birds, can be placed around the home, especially in the southwest corner, to bring good luck in romance. Other birds, such as doves, magpies and swans are also popular representations of romantic relationships.

Butterflies are another example of a creature that symbolizes love in Chinese culture, specifically, young love. According to Chinese legend, butterflies symbolize an endless union between two lovers. The butterfly’s connection to youth is drawn from the whimsical way it flits from flower to flower, suggesting a sense of happiness to the love bond between two young people.

The dragon and phoenix, when paired, represent the emperor and empress, and thus a harmonious a marital relationship with bliss between husband and wife and good financial fortune for the future. The coupled dragon and phoenix image is a common metaphor for yin and yang and is also often used in fengshui design.

To entice good fortune, images or statues of these animals can be gifted to young couples or newlyweds. When placed in auspicious spots around the home, these creatures are said to draw good energy and romance to the couple


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