2008 Beijing Olympic Games: It Is Going To Be Different

It is now a much talked about fact that Beijing has been chosen as the venue for the 29th Olympic Games to be held in the year, 2008.

Here are some facts that might catch your imagination.

Can you imagine the tourist influx across the border in this capital city of China during the game? Well it has been estimated at a colossal figure of 4.6 to 4.8 million. This is not all! Wait for more. The event is going to fetch the country US$4.8 to 4.9 billion of tourism revenue. Aren’t the figures amazing? And naturally the Chinese are putting their cent percent in the preparations for this world’s biggest show.

What types of preparations are going on? Here is an example.
Contractors and builders are working day and night to give the final shape to their dream stadium; the Bird’s Nest Stadium, where most of the important events are going to take place for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game. Not only the stadium itself, the other related constructions including the participants’ hostel are on the way of completion and it is hoped to be finished by this year end.

According to the Chinese officials responsible for managing the big event, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are going to be DIFFERENT from its forerunners. The Chinese people are all set to take this 29th Olympic Games to a new height. They promise the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are going to be

  • High-Tech Olympics
  • People’s Olympics
  • Green Olympics

For the nationals of people’s Republic of China, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games provide an opportunity for great cultural exchanges; While the billions of international visitors will be exposed to the rich cultural and social heritage of this ancient land, the Chinese people aspire to get a deeper understanding of the world outside china and create an environment of universal fraternity.


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