Birthday Card

It is customary in many cultures to celebrate the anniversary of one’s birthday in some way, for example by having a birthday party with friends in which gifts are exchanged. It is also customary to treat someone especially nice on the birthday

The tradition of a birthday party started as a way to ward off evil spirits – not exactly an auspicious beginning for such a happy tradition! It was a belief that you are at your weakest on the day you were born. To protect against evil spirits taking over their body, they would surround themselves with friends and family whose love would protect them from harm. This evolved into a party, where people would bring small gifts or flowers to the birthday host or hostess. If they could not make it to the party, they would often send a birthday card, with their regrets. Thus, the custom of sending birthday cards was born.

Whatever the story behind the tradition of sending birthday cards, it is now impossible to think of not sending a happy birthday card to the people you love and also the people whom you may not know too well. Basically, it makes the recipient feel good that you remembered their birthday, which shows that you care. In some countries, police send birthday cards to criminals and have seen a remarkable change in their attitude.

These days you can get all kinds of printable and electronic cards. You can send them online. These animated birthday e-cards are developed by extremely talented professional musicians, actors, comedians and animators. They are personalized with your messages

You will find a selection of uniquely designed handmade happy birthday cards including, boxed birthday cards, personalized birthday cards with name and age, silk flower cards, birthday cards for husband, wife, girlfriend, Mum, Dad, and whoever else is special to you. All birthday cards come with matching or contrasting good quality envelopes.


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