Chinese Knots – the Traditional Way to Express Best Wishes

If you want to give only the best gifts that one can think of in China, Chinese knots are the only things. Chinese knots look simple but have got a rare charm. Their long history of development gives them a national connotation in Chinese culture and colorful hues give you a soothing experience.

Chinese knots are reported to have appeared in Tang and Song dynasties. Later they were developed and popularized in Ming and Qing dynasties. It’s needless to say that these Chinese knots have further developed through the progress of time, although the basic things remain the same.

Chinese knots are handicraft things i.e. it’s made in homes or small business industries with knitting and trimming. Made of silk threads, the Chinese knots receive their name according to shapes and connotations. There are various designs and colors of these knots that show different phases of Chinese culture.

The use of Chinese knots is varied as their making. You can use the Chinese knots to decorate your own room, to hang it inside your car, to decorate in festivals, to use in costumes, to use it as an ornament and various other reasons.

One purpose of possessing or giving a gift of Chinese knot is to express good luck. Symmetrical knots express blessing and good fortune. These knots also express your aesthetic standard and your personality.

Among the different types of Chinese knots the most popular knots are:

  • The flower knot
  • The connection knot
  • The Chinese button knot
  • The good luck knot
  • The over hand knot
  • The treasure knot
  • The Josephine knot


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