Chinese Wedding Taboos and Things to Avoid

Chinese culture is often superstitious, so for as many auspicious aspects of a wedding that must be tended to, there are as many taboos and things to avoid. Some of these involve the bride and groom themselves, others are important for guests, and some include the décor or arrangement of activities. In order to make sure your wedding comes off without a hitch, you’ll want to pay attention to these few major Chinese wedding taboos!

Bride & Groom

For three months before and after their wedding, the couple shouldn’t attend a funeral or wedding, or come into contact with a mother that is about to give birth. This is to avoid clashing of good luck.

If one of their parents dies prior to the wedding, they must either get married within 100 days after the death or wait three years to wed. To attend a social activity while in mourning would be disrespectful to the deceased.

Once the bridal bed has been installed, it should not be touched or moved. In case the groom must sleep in it before the wedding day, a young boy should accompany him, preferably born in the Year of the Dragon.

On the wedding day, when the bride arrives to the groom’s home, his relatives should hide from her until she reaches the bridal chamber. Also, if two brides meet on the same wedding day, the best men should exchange red packets to undo this bad luck.


To avoid bad luck, anyone born under a clashing star sign should not attend the ceremony or be in the wedding party, though they can attend the banquet.

Gifts should always avoid multiples of four, except anything with the number 8. Even numbers, though, are acceptable.

No one who is in mourning should attend the wedding, and widows should not be allowed near or into the bridal chamber, so as not to pass on any bad luck.


White, blue and green are all colors of mourning and should not be used for wedding bouquets, decorations or gifts.

If the bride’s home gifts include a whole roast pig, the ears, tail and other parts should all be perfectly in tact. Otherwise, this would imply that the bride is not virginal.


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