People Born in the Year of the Boar

The twelfth and final animal in the Chinese zodiac is the plump, jolly boar. Legend has it that the boar was the last animal to finish the race that decided the order of the Chinese zodiac signs, as he stopped off along the way to eat a meal. But how does this translate to the personalities of people born in the Year of the Boar?

Personality Traits

Pig people are typically laid-back, happy-go-lucky, affable, and friendly. They prefer life to be as simple and trouble-free as possible, and advocate giving in to temptation whenever possible. This means that they often over-indulge, loving fine foods, rich desserts, alcohol and cigarettes. Boars have a tendency to put on weight and grow inactive if they let their lavish lifestyles go unchecked.

Boars love company, and hate to be alone. Their outgoing nature naturally endears them to other people, so they are rarely without company. They are popular at work thanks to their willingness to muck in and get involved, and do well in professions such as veterinary medicine, entertainment, retail, and catering.

The Pig is exceedingly good in relationships, and enjoys the physical side of a partnership. Always willing to cuddle and touch, affection is a big part of the Boar’s personality. They are loyal and home-loving, and would choose an evening curled up on the sofa over a night in a bar or club.


A wise Boar should keep his distance from the mischievous Monkey, who will tease him mercilessly for his laziness. While the Boar is bright, he certainly isn’t the sharpest wit in the zodiac, and the lightning-fast Monkey will run rings around him. The Snake doesn’t appeal to the Boar’s better nature either, as piggy finds his seductive ways transparent. Rabbits and Sheep make excellent partners for Boars, as all three like the quiet life.


Famous Boars include Winona Ryder, Woody Allen, and Julie Andrews.


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