Man’s Best Friend: The Year of the Dog

The Chinese zodiac sign of the dog is the second to last animal out of the twelve that make up the chart. Followed by the Pig and preceded by the Rooster, the Dog is well known for its loyalty and love of company.

Personality Traits

People born in the year of the dog tend to care more about other people’s happiness more than their own, and never seek to push themselves forward at the expense of others. Their interest in other people’s business is sometimes misinterpreted as nosiness, but stems from general concern. If you ever have a problem and need a shoulder to cry on, you can always rely on a Dog.

Some of the less positive characteristics associated with the Dog sign are (unsurprisingly) doggedness, stubbornness, and the potential to be overly frugal. However, their general meticulousness means that they and their homes are always clean.

In the workplace, the Dog is helpful and generous, and does well in academia, the police, and the church. In an office, he is a valued member of the team because he isn’t afraid of hard work and is supportive of his colleagues.


Somewhat surprisingly, the Dog can find forming and maintaining relationships difficult, as trusting people doesn’t come naturally to him. As highly trustworthy as he is himself, he doesn’t let down his guard very easily. The perfect match for the Dog would be a Tiger or a Horse. Tigers bring out the Dog’s inner charisma which is so often hidden by his pragmatism, while the Horse’s inoffensive sense of humour will help the pooch lighten up. However, Dogs do not get on well with boastful Roosters, whose flamboyant behaviour grates on their sensibilities. Nor do they match with Dragons, as their grand ways and flippant attitude confuse them.


Famous Dogs include Prince Willian, Kirsten Dunst, and Jessica Biel.


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