Way of the Dragon: Traits of the Fifth Zodiac Sign

As the only mythical creature among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the Dragon occupies a special place in the rankings. The legend of the zodiac origin says that the Dragon could easily have won the race to the Jade Emperor, but chose to stay behind and create much-needed rain, then help the rabbit cross the river on a raft. This means that despite their natural power and pride, Dragons are always willing to come to the aid of those who are less strong and able.

Personality Traits

Attractive and charismatic, the Dragon is immensely popular among his peers, but actually enjoys solitude more than the limelight. He is a risk-taker by nature which endears him to other, shyer people who are happy to bask in his shadow.

Dragons are as discerning as they are exacting when it comes to choosing friends and lovers. They would rather be alone than suffer fools or dull company, and gravitate towards people whose personalities are as strong as theirs. Life is never boring with a Dragon person around, but non-Dragons need to be patient and resilient to weather the harsh words and tempers of the fiery creature.


Dragons get on particularly well with Monkeys and Rats, who are a good match when it comes to sharpness, pace of life, and charisma. But the steady Ox and mild-mannered Sheep get on the Dragon’s nerves with their lack of imagination and spark. In the workplace they are natural leaders, and do well in careers like law, architecture, sales, and management.


If you were born in the year of the dragon, you share your zodiac sign with Sandra Bullock, Bruce Lee, Joan of Arc and Julius Caesar.


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