Giddy Up: The Year of the Horse

The seventh Chinese zodiac sign is the horse. People born in the year of the horse tend to share certain characteristics with the animal, including strength, energy, and a love of being the center of attention. Like the gregarious horse, people born under this sign are outgoing and bright, and love company. They rarely suffer ill health, and are eternally optimistic.

Personality Traits & Celebrities

Natural communicators, Horse people are attracted to careers where they can interact and shine. This leads many of them towards showbusiness (famous horses include Harrison Ford, John Travolta and Shirley Temple. They are fascinated by how other people’s minds work (such as the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, who was a Horse) and love to interact. They thrive as publicists and journalists, and their strong bodies make them great athletes too.

The down side of the Horse’s character is their propensity to rush headlong into things. This can be the death knell for many a relationship, and can lead to the Horse getting hurt or betrayed. Another disadvantage of their nature is flightiness. Despite their innate intelligence, Horses often don’t get as far as they should in their career because they refuse to buckle down and see things through.


Life with a Horse partner is full of laughter and happiness, if you can get them to commit to a long-term relationship. Sometimes the draw of the unknown is too great for them to settle. Dog and Tiger signs get on the best with Horses, the Dog because he is loyal and patient enough to cope with the Horse’s whims, and the Tiger because he can match the Horse’s pace. But woe betide a Rat or Monkey who crosses his path. Monkeys share a sense of humour with the affable Horse, but are sillier and more annoying in their pranks and tricks. Rats’ dogged persistence annoys the Horse, and they rarely get on well.


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