Strong and Steady: The Year of the Ox

As the second Chinese zodiac sign, the dependable Ox will always be in the shadow of the quick and cunning rat. However, the sign of the Ox has some incredibly valuable traits that mark its members out as loyal, tolerant, hard-working, and strong.

Personality Traits

The Ox is methodical and loves routine, which some more spontaneous signs find dull and tedious. However, when it comes to getting a job done, it’s the Ox you’ll depend on. Unwilling to give up even when the going gets tough, it was the ox’s tenacity which won him second place in the mythical contest which decided the order of the zodiac signs. Thanks to its quiet persistence, the Ox has the potential to excel in its chosen career, and suits jobs that require precision and patience, like carpenter, mechanic, or engineer. However, the Ox’s personality can lead to workaholism, so it must learn to balance work and play.

In their personal lives, Oxen prefer alone time to group situations, and would rather stay at home than go out partying. They hate small talk and never flirt, so establishing a relationship with an Ox person can be difficult. As a partner, the Ox can be quick to apportion blame and can be unreasonable, but makes up for this with loyalty.


Oxen typically do not get on well with Tigers and Horses. The Tiger is just as strong, but has more flair and creativity than the Ox, which can cause friction. The attention seeking Horse just gets on the Ox’s nerves. However, Oxen should seek out Rats and Roosters, whose wit and outspokenness can bring it out of its shell.


If you were born in the year of the ox, you share a sign with Meryl Streep, Princess Diana, Meg Ryan, and Jane Fonda.


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