The Year of the Rabbit: Typical Traits

The fourth Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit. Like the long-eared hopping creature itself, people born in the year of the rabbit are typically sociable, friendly, and loving, valuing family and friends. Rabbit people are never happier than when they are in the “warren” – mixing with others and learning from them. However, if conflict erupts, the Rabbit will scarper; he hates confrontation and will hold his tongue rather than complain about something he is unhappy with.

Personality Traits

Rabbits’ calm nature means that they are sometimes taken advantage of by the more unscrupulous signs like the Snake, Rooster and Rat. They are uncompetitive, which many people take for being a pushover; this isn’t always the case. The Rabbit would much rather keep quiet than cause a scene.

Rather than rocking the boat, the Rabbit will bottle up his feelings. This can lead to pent up emotion manifesting as illness or stress. Rabbits should learn to speak up when things aren’t right.

While often taking a back seat in daily life, the Rabbit really comes alive in the bedroom. Wild bunnies have a reputation for rapid reproduction, and this trait is often repeated in human Rabbits. They are very giving in relationships, and need to find the right balance to prevent being taken advantage of.


Since they are great communicators and very articulate, Rabbits make good writers, teachers, and actors. Celebrity Rabbits include Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Neil Sedaka.


People born in the year of the rabbit often clash with Rats and Roosters, whose over-confidence can be overpowering. They get on well with pigs and dogs though. The Pig’s zest for life charms the Rabbit, while the loyal, kind Dog poses no threat to its gentle nature.


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