Cunning and Inventive – Chinese Zodiac Sign – Rat

In Chinese zodiac sign mythology, it is the rat who reaches the Jade Emperor first, securing his position at the head of the astrology chart. For people born in the year of the rat, this has many implications when it comes to behavior, compatibility, and even destiny.

Personality Traits

The rat is a curious animal, full of wit and imagination. This means that Rat people will be likewise inquisitive, slightly cunning, and inventive. The determination and innovation that helped the rat win first place in the zodiac race makes the sign a wilful, enigmatic one, and people born under it will usually be energetic, talkative, and very charming. On the flip side, Rats can come across as aggressive, which can be off-putting when forming relationships.

Perceptive and quick to observe, the Rat is good at solving problems and offers good advice, but doesn’t give much away about its own personal situation. Rat people should take regular exercise to avoid a build up of energy which could lead to frustration. In general, they will enjoy good health and rarely fall ill.

In the workplace, Rats make a great bosses, and prefer creative industries where their enquiring minds and imaginative ideas can be put to good use. Their sociability would suit a career in music or comedy, and their ability to lead makes them great managers in office jobs.


Rats get on well with dragon and monkey signs, as they have creativity, determination, and humor in common. However, if you were born in the year of the rat, you should avoid horses and rabbits. The confident Rat has no time for the rabbit’s meekness, and clashes with the attention seeking horse.


Celebrities born under the sign of the rat include Eminem, Prince Charles, Peter the Great, and Charlotte Brontë.


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