How To Recognize The Zodiac Sign of the Sheep

The eighth Chinese zodiac sign is the sheep, but what sort of characteristics do people born in this year share? If you were born in the year of the sheep (often the goat in some parts of China), it is likely that you are a resourceful person who is comfortable on your own. Caring, thoughtful and calm, you never seek the limelight, and are happy in groups as long as you are not the center of attention.

Personality Traits

Sheep don’t often do anything to set themselves apart from the crowd, preferring to blend into the background where they won’t be bothered by stronger personalities. In the workplace, it is rare to find a Sheep as a leader or manager; they prefer to accomplish tasks on their own, and can be trusted to get a job done with minimal fuss. Gentle jobs like floristry, care giving, writing, and interior design suit Sheep best.

Relationship & Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, it is often difficult to get to know a Sheep. They keep themselves to themselves which can sometimes be construed as caginess. The Sheep’s manner stems not from a lack of self-esteem, but a quiet confidence that doesn’t require boasts or brash gestures. A Sheep will get on well with the big-hearted Pig who will never tease or overpower him. The equally non-confrontational Rabbit will make a good pal too, as both shy away from conflict and bad feeling. Sensible Sheep should avoid the sneaky Rat and determined Ox, since both traits are alien to him and will only lead to upset.


Creative, intelligent Sheep in the celebrity world include writer Jane Austen and musician George Harrison. Tennis star Boris Becker is also a Sheep, along with actor and director Mel Gibson.


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