Natural Charmer: The Year of the Snake

Sleek, graceful, intelligent, and ever so slightly sly, the Chinese zodiac sign of the snake is renowned for bestowing these attributes onto people born under it. If you were born in the year of the snake, it’s likely that you will be charming, with a knack of persuading people to your way of thinking. You’re analytical to the point of scheming, and love life’s luxuries.

Personality Traits

Despite the Snake’s natural love of the illicit, he craves order and tranquillity, and is easily stressed by disarray both in the home, workplace, and wider life. Although they are hard-working, Snakes grow bored easily, and tend to flit from one job to another. This impatience can be construed as flightiness and disloyalty, but the Snake doesn’t operate like that. It is pure boredom, and an unwillingness to bear tedium that causes the serpent to cut and run.

When it comes to seduction, the Snake is a master. Often attractive, and very enigmatic, Snakes suffer no shortage of interest. If a relationship lasts beyond the initial flirtation, the Snake can display possessiveness, but the up side of this is that they will treat you extremely well.


If you are a Rooster, your cockiness and bluster will impress the Snake, and you will be firm friends. Likewise, the Ox’s dedication and diligence will endear it to serpent people. The Snake has no patience with the prank-pulling Monkey, because his sense of humor is more refined than the giggling ape. The self-indulgent Pig shares the Snake’s love of luxury, but is too lazy to earn his respect.


Natural problem solvers, Snakes suit careers like analysis, project management, and accounting, but there needs to be creativity involved to keep their interest.


Celebrity Snakes include Bob Dylan, Brooke Shields, and Oprah Winfrey.


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