Star of Stripes: The Year of the Tiger

The Chinese zodiac sign of 2010 is the tiger, meaning that people born under this sign have their twelve-yearly chance to shine. But what typifies the year of the tiger when it comes to personality traits and compatibility?

Personality Traits

What sets the Tiger apart from the other zodiac signs is his love of competition, his fearlessness, and his bravery. Just like the majestic striped animal, Tiger people brim with confidence, self-assuredness, and intelligence. They will always rise to a challenge, and have no fear of the unknown or unpredictable situations.

On the flip side, the Tiger’s strength of character can sometimes be interpreted as selfishness or stubbornness, and this isn’t too far from the truth. While they do make confident leaders and are programmed to win, their dominance in relationships and jobs can make them unpopular if they don’t learn to modify it. Having said that, once a Tiger finds a job he loves, he will excel. Tigers make great musicians, actors and writers, and many gravitate towards the advertising industry.


With a Tiger as your lover, life will never be dull. You have to put up with his or her bossiness to enjoy the good times, but this is well worth it. The Tiger makes a protective and passionate partner. If you are a Dog or a Horse sign, you will get on especially well with Tigers because your strong personalities match without clashing. If you are a Sheep or an Ox, things might not go so smoothly. The Tiger has no patience with the limelight-shunning sheep, and locks horns with the Ox which is one of the few signs to match the Tiger’s stubbornness.


Famous Tigers include Agatha Christie, Demi Moore, Bill Murray, Beatrix Potter, and David Attenborough.


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