Chinese Zisha Pottery: the Best Teapot to Have a Cuppa

Chinese pottery industry held the centre stage among all the pottery industries of the world. Even today people of many parts of the world search for Chinese Zisha pottery. The uniqueness of this kind of pottery will simply bewitch you into buying it.

The history of Chinese Zisha pottery went back into remote past of Chinese culture and civilization. The times of Song and Ming Dynasty saw the birth of Chinese Zisha pottery. A famous story tells us that one day a priest appeared among the people of Yixing province and he led them to a remote cave and then he suddenly disappeared. The people found Zisha clay there.

Today Chinese Zisha pottery means that special kind of teacups and pots which are created out of this Yixing clay. People of that period started drinking tea from young leaves as is the custom now. They needed a special kind of teapot which could keep the color and flavor of the tea for a long period of time. Also the natural color and rustic appearance appealed to the people. Since then Zisha pottery is famous in Chinese pottery industry.

In its long history of development Chinese Zisha pottery reached its summit from early 17th century to the middle of 18th century. A number of good shapes were made and unique styles were developed. 20th century too saw some of the path breaking developments in Chinese pottery. Styles with geometric forms and carving inscriptions became the fashion of the day.

You can choose various types of teacups and teapots from Chinese pottery. But only the Zisha pottery is the best of the lot.


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