Choosing an Auspicious Chinese Wedding Date

One of the most important things that a couple having a traditional Chinese wedding must attend to is their wedding date. Unlike in the West, where wedding dates are chosen solely on convenience and whim of the couple’s own interests, Chinese tradition suggests that some dates are luckier than others for holding a wedding. Choosing a most auspicious date will ensure that the couple starts their marriage off on the right foot.

Traditionally, most couples will consult a monk, fortune teller or relative adept at reading the calendar to pick a date, though these days, it’s possible to find most of this information online. Some sites take the necessary information and compare it with auspicious dates listed on the Chinese lunar calendar, which lists Gregorian and Chinese dates, as well as auspicious wedding dates, to find the perfect date for the marriage to take place.

Several factors are important in finding a date that will be most auspicious for the couple. Both the bride’s and groom’s birthdays, including birth year, must be factored in, as well as the same information from their parents. Certain numbers are to be avoided, while others are sought out as lucky digits. 8 is an extremely lucky number in Chinese culture, as are any other even numbers, while the 7th lunar month should be avoided, because the Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated during that month.

Whether you choose to visit a traditional fortune teller or try your hand at reading a Chinese calendar online, it is best not to get any wedding date advice for free, which would be bad luck. Instead, opt to pay something (even a very small token amount is okay) for advice, which will ensure that your wedding date is perfectly chosen and that your marriage comes off without a hitch!


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