Christmas Card

The custom of sending Christmas cards started in Britain in 1840 when the first ‘Penny Post’ public postal deliveries began. As printing methods improved, Christmas cards were produced in large numbers from about 1860. They became even more popular in Britain when a card could be posted in an unsealed envelope for one halfpenny, half the price of an ordinary letter.

Traditionally, Christmas cards showed religious pictures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, or other parts of the Christmas story. Today, pictures are often jokes, winter pictures, Father Christmas, or romantic scenes of life in past times.

Christmas cards with your company name and logo are a great way to present your name to your customers and clients, and a cost-effective way to advertise. There are many websites from where you can purchase quality Christmas cards that are smart, economical, and hassle free. If you like they can professionally imprint company greeting cards with your business name and your company logo, choice of verse or a custom verse, and envelope return address in a variety of inks and foil stamp colors.

Through Christmas Cards you share and express your warmest wishes with all those for whom you care. You can show your commitment to your dedicated employees, faithful customers and clients, friends and family with your personalized Christmas cards.

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