Contributions of Ancient China to the World

The world is indebted to ancient china for a number of contributions in the sector of art, literature, science and technology. Let us discuss about the major contributions of ancient china to the world.


For the nation that uses some 80,000 different symbols in their language, it was just natural to invent the paper. Papers were produced from 3 different kinds of sources, namely, the silk rags, wooden strips and bamboo, hemp or clothes.

The ancient China also pioneered the concept of ink (206B.C.-A.D.220) and they were the first to invent printer (618-906A.D) and print a book (868 AD).


It was a tool that was invented to fulfill religious purposes. A compass was used to examine whether an under-construction building was facing the right direction so that it could be in perfect harmony with nature. For example, the scientists of ancient China believed; if the house faces north, the inhabitants will be perfectly getting along with the nature. The earliest compass made by the ancient Chinese inventors, resembled a wooden circle which had a number of marks on it along with a magnetic spoon on the top.


Probably the most significant contribution of the ancient china was the fine variety of silk that goes by the name of Chinese silk. The ancient Chinese were the one who taught the rest of the world how to harvest silk from silk worms. They also coined the techniques of creating clothes, fans, kites, paper, and many other articles from it.

Your list will seem endless if you start counting the contributions of ancient China to the rest of the world. Let’s have a quick glimpse on the other major gifts of the ancient Chinese inventors.

  • An object for counting, called an abacus
  • The unique method of treatment called acupuncture
  • The first rudder
  • The first planetarium
  • The first water powered blast furnace


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