Famous Chinese Beauties: Prostitutes in Chinese History

Chinese history not only gave significance to women of Chinese beauty and intelligence, the Chinese people also gave meaning to the contributions of several women who engaged themselves in the most humble profession- prostitution. These women not only exemplified the real essence of beauty, they also served a pivotal role to change Chinese history.

Liu Rushi. Despite having a profession that most of society look down on, Liu Rushi was considered the most respectable prostitute in Chinese history. She showed exemplary values when faced with danger during times when she helped the country. During the Manchurian occupation, she tried to persuade her mate, who was then a respectable Confucian scholar, to commit suicide for the love of country. Unfortunately, the guy refused stating that the water in the middle of the river was too cold. Nevertheless, after her mate’s surrender, she was able to redeem herself from her profession when she was considered as a model of pure morals during the end of the Ming dynasty.

In addition, the Chinese beauty was also well versed in calligraphy, drawing, and writing poems.

Xiao Fengxian. She was the mistress of General Cai, who according to Chinese history, supposedly mumbled to the General’s ears during bedtime activities. The Chinese beauty’s mumbling became a significant factor for the General to decide to risk his life and flee to Yunan where he declared independence. Hence, Xiao Fengxian was known as the architect in rebuilding the republic.

Li Shishi. This Chinese girl was supposedly so beautiful that she has a face that can launch a thousand ships, as well as the capacity to make an emperor stoop down to sneaking, just like a high school boy, to eat an orange that was peeled by her. Not only that, her beauty was supposedly so mesmerizing that she was able to convince anyone with even the strongest resolve. Hence, she was the forceful lobbyist in the Song Court that used her charms during bedtime activities.

Chen Yuanyuan. Another prostitute who exemplified the significance of beauty to provide change in society. Although indirectly, the Chinese girl was one of the reasons why Wu Sangui opened Shanhaiguan to the Manchus. She later became a nun after the fall of the Ming dynasty.


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