Feng Shui Tip: Mirrors in the Bathroom

There are different factors that the Chinese believe to influence their life: fate, luck, character, wisdom, and Feng Shui. Among the five, the last usually is associated with the home and the work place. In fact, Feng Shui is known as the science of buildings, land, as well as burial sites. It usually provides ideas and advice on how we could live harmoniously with our environment, our peers, business and career.

Then there’s good Feng Shui and bad Feng Shui. The prime objective of any Feng Shui tip is to help you find good Feng Shui, and to correct situations brought about by the bad. It guides you to evaluate your life as well as living conditions, helping you to optimize your opportunities by arranging everything to make your life more pleasant and comfortable.

For the Chinese, the bathroom is a key place where good Feng Shui is commonly lagging. Feng Shui tip: use mirrors, in any size, shape, and number. Mirrors tend to create the illusion of space, as well as speed up the lagging flow of Qi. However, it is also advised by Feng Shui experts to never place two mirrors opposite each other as this will “trap” good Feng Shui in the middle of the two mirrors.

Moreover, it is also suggested to refresh the Qi to create a fresh and conducive place. This may be done with the help of some sandalwood incense and soothing music. This will help banish bad Feng Shui and purify the lingering stale Qi in the toilet.


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