Grand Scenes of the Three Gorges

A china travel can offer you much more than a visit to the Great Wall. In addition to a rich and colorful cultural heritage, the ancient land of China is a home to diverse flora and fauna. Above all spectacular geological wonders await you in every turn and corner of this amazing country. And the Three Gorges are one of those fascinating sights that tempt you to return to this remarkable country time and again.

Where it is located

The Three Gorges of China are situated over the famous Yangtze River. After Nile and Amazon, this Yangtze River is the third longest river in the whole world and the second longest in Asia. It travels over 4,000 miles across China.

What it is

You can find some of the most gorgeous sceneries of the world along the bank of Yangtze. Most famous of course are the series of canyons namely the Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and the Xiling Gorge collectively called the Three Gorges.

The controversy

Probably China’s most ambitious construction project since the Great Wall is going on in this area and the project has been able to stir up enough controversy at home and abroad. This Three Gorges Project involves the construction of a huge dam and hydro electric power plant to supply energy to the interiors of the country to boost up the manufacturing as well as agriculture in the area. But it is the inundation of a vast area which has become the butt of huge international scrutiny.

But as a tourist, you have nothing to do with the controversy. What the Three Gorges of China can offer you are:

  • Breathtaking views that have been labeled as nature’s art gallery.
  • The magnificence created by primitive rocks at the backdrop of deep and clean water.
  • Tree shaded banks that murmur the history and legends as old as thousands of years.


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