The stories about Heroines of Ancient China

Ancient China has many, many stories and legends to speak about its history and culture. The colorful history is all the more beautiful because it portrays Chinese girls as heroines of many different tales and legends. In these stories you will have a glimpse into the ever colorful periods of ancient China.

The most well known heroine among the Chinese girls is Hua Mulan. Mulan is said to have born in Northern Wei Dynasty (386- 534). The story goes thus: Hua’s father was summoned one day to serve the army but he was too old a person to do that. Hua felt the pangs of her father and she went instead to join the army under the guise of a man. She fought bravely and won the attention of the emperor. She was summoned in the court room to be awarded. She refused the award but accepted the horse. Only later that she revealed herself to her comrades and co-fighters.

Another legend in ancient China portrays Nv Wa as the creator of human beings. The story says: the world was full of vice and wrongs. A god called Pan Gu divided this universe and broke it into two parts. The goddess Nv Wa created some clay figurines after the figure of herself and Pan Gu. Thus men and women were born. She also invented rules of marriage among the boys and Chinese girls.

Another real life heroine of ancient China was Wu Zetian. She ruled during the most fruitful years of Tang Dynasty.

Ancient China is full of stories like this. No one can tell whether they are true or just stories. But they are attractive enough to catch your attention. A lot of books are written on these heroines and research is on whether they really existed or not.


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