Love Horoscope

A horoscope is a map of space and time, an image of the hour, as its Greek root words imply. It is a chart depicting the position of the Sun and Moon and Planets in Space at a particular point of time. A love horoscope depicts the position of Venus and Moon in your horoscope to match your compatibility with another person.

Venus, the Planet of Love, is a feminine sign ruling Taurus, Libra, and the 2nd and 7th Houses. Venus represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, culture, affection and one’s social charisma. Venus is about how you feel when you are interacting socially with others romantically, professionally or even platonically. Venus’s placement in your chart provides insight into whom you are attracted to and who is attracted to you. Your Venus Sign defines what you love and how you love it. Venus governs your emotional life and relationships of all kinds.

You can find out your love match on the Internet by giving the exact details of your time and place of birth. They will prepare your horoscope immediately and find answers to all your questions. With this in-depth report, you can take a fascinating new look at how you and a second person will react to each other.

Love horoscope offers insights into your love life highlighting your greatest strengths and weaknesses. It shows your compatibility with different sun signs covering your love goals, sexual ambitions, desires and overall needs. A love horoscope will give you a zodiac love match whereby you can find the person who is right for you. Not just the person whom you will love and be loved by in return, but also the person who will help you grow to your fullest potential emotionally, intellectually and, perhaps, spiritually as well.


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