Martial Arts Weapons

Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung Fu martial arts employ many common weapons, such as swords, the Bo staff, Kama, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Sai. Some of the more exotic weapins include the hook swords, the fan, and the rope dart. These can be divided into short and long-range categories. A short-range weapon would be a pair of Sai. The Bo staff, on the other hand, is considered to be a long-range weapon, as it has a longer reach. As far as structural qualities, Nunchakus and staffs are non-bladed, whereas swords, and Kamas are bladed weapons.

In general, bladed weapons mean not sharp or blunt weapons. For instance, during the training period, beginners are trained with some bladed weapons. In the same way, bladed Kamas and swords are blunt not sharp in order to provide safety for the beginners. Based on their weight, weapons are categorized as heavy traditional models or may be ultra lightweight models depending upon the person’s selection.

Martial arts weapons are used in two different ways: they can be used to block or used to make strokes. It is imperative that every beginner first learn how to control his body, and then learn how to maneuver any weaponry.

Various types of martial arts weapons

There are a variety of martial arts weapons, which deal with Kung Fu and Karate. They are sword, Bo staff, Nunchaku, Kama, Throwing stars, Wushu, and Sai, to name a few.

Regarding swords, the premium Ninja sword, among others, has the special feature of a differential blade, with an RC 60 edge and a RC 40 back. A foam Bo staff is suitable for beginners, say for Kata training. A 3-section, black foam staff is the extended version of the Bo staff. It has soft foaming over a plastic core; each section is 26 inches long. The Sai is also available in different sizes, such as a children’s Sai or an octagonal Sai. Nunchucks are one of the more popular weapons in the field of martial arts. People say, with this sole weapon, a person is able to control even 15 to 20 people with ease. Finally, Tonfas are used for strikes, blocks, and thrusts. They can be skillfully rotated for effective defense. The use of Tonfas dates back to the 15th century.

These weapons are of various weights. If used regularly, they will help build and strengthen muscle tone. Martial arts weapons are not essential for all fighting. Yet, any person proficient in martial arts can change almost any simple household item into a weapon.


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  1. Looking for chinese lunar year decorated bo-staff for 1966 – horse, 1995 – boar and 1997 – ox. Do you make these or know someone you does?

    1. Thanks for asking. We do carry Chinese lunar new year products like greeting cards, calendars, stamps and Chinese zodiac sign products like custom zodiac chops, but we don’t have bo-staff. Sorry about that.

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