Music for a Chinese Wedding

Music is incorporated into many aspects of a Chinese wedding. More traditionally styled weddings opt for more traditional musical genres, while modern weddings may also feature jazz music or pop songs sung in Mandarin or Cantonese, depending on where the couple is from.

As with any part of wedding planning, it is important to prepare the music in advance. Some couples prefer to hire live musicians to perform during the ceremony or wedding feast, others hire a DJ or emcee. Either way, make sure to interview and book any potential musicians well before the wedding day. This way you can ensure that your wedding music comes off perfectly.

Traditionally, a small band of musicians follows the bride between her home and the groom’s house. The musical parade includes gongs, cymbals and Chinese flutes. At very traditional Chinese weddings, this type of music is also played during the banquet. For a western-style church ceremony, a solo instrumentalist is usually hired to play classical pieces during the processional, unity candle lighting and recessional.

Most young couples are now opting to play modern jazz or pop music during their wedding banquet. For a traditional flair, you can have the waiters play traditional wedding tunes on modified xylophones, flutes or oboes to announce that food is ready to eat.

Mandopop and Cantopop music are both full of wonderful love songs that would be appropriate as wedding music. Be sure to discuss your choices with your DJ, who will likely have some great recommendations, as well. The following is a short list of Chinese songs that might appeal to you for your wedding day.

今天你要嫁給我 ‘Today You Will Be Married to Me’ – by David Tao and Jolin
天天 ‘Everyday’ – by David Tao
至少還有你 ‘At Least There’s Still You’ – by Sandy Lam
可愛女人 ‘Cute Girl’ – by Jay Chou
屋頂 ‘Roof’ – by Jay Chou and Jolin
就是愛你 ‘Only Love You’ – by David Tao
心中的日月 ‘The Sun and Moon of the Heart’ – by Wang Lee Hong
唯一 ‘Only One’ – by Wang Lee Hong
你是我心內的一首歌 ‘You’re a Song in My Heart’ – by Wang Lee Hong and Selina
遇見‘Encounter’ – by Stefanie Sun
簡單愛 ‘Sample Love’ – by Jay Chou


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