Peking Opera: A Mirror to the Chinese Culture

The ancient land of China combines all the color and music of nature to create a wonderful country where you can feel, hear and even taste the vibrancy of life with all your senses. You can get a quick glimpse of this magical Chinese culture, through the famous Peking Opera.

Peking opera is an integral part of rich Chinese culture. With an eventful history spanning over two hundred years, Peking opera as one of the branch of traditional Chinese opera, still reigns in the hearts of Chinese people who just adore this art form and protect it as one of their national treasures. Peking opera was the result of merging of a few other versions of Chinese opera like Kunqu, Yiyang, Hanju and Luantan. It took nearly half a century more and much integration and intermingling to acquire the present shape in which we discover the Peking Opera today.

Today Peking Opera is regarded as the biggest of all Chinese operas. With an unparallel repertoire, the range of the performing artists and the incomparable grandeur, the Peking Opera yields a profound influence in the hearts of Chinese people and kindles awe in the minds of the foreigners.

The Peking opera is definitely a treat to your eyes as well as to your ears with an unparallel combination of acrobatic actions and dancing, dialogues and mime and its melody full of harmonious rhythms. This is a distinguished art form that narrates the story of different characters with positive and negative shades and their joys, sorrows, anger and other humane emotions come alive on stage through the unbelievable acting talents of the performers.

If you are visiting the ancient land of China, the Peking opera can introduce you to the richness of Chinese culture; so do not miss it at any cost.


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