What to Expect in the Year of the Horse 2014

According to the Chinese calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Horse, and it begins on January 31st. Because the Chinese lunar calendar doesn’t always match up with the Gregorian calendar used in the West, the date tends to shift each year.

If you were born in another Horse year (2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942 and so on), that can mean a tricky year coming up for you. The Chinese consider it a jinx when two Horses meet each other on the zodiac cycle, so expect some troubles in 2014. But the horoscope doesn’t just talk about people born under this sign. Here are some of the expectations for 2014 no matter what your zodiac sign is.


The Horse is a good place to start. As we mentioned, it might be a rough year but it won’t be all that traumatic. When it comes to your love horoscope, this can be the year you find a new romantic partner. Don’t expect a whirlwind romance though. Things are going to go pretty slowly. If you already with someone, try not to push too much or you can jeopardize what you already have. It’s a fine year for love as long as you aren’t too aggressive about making relationship commitments this year.

And speaking of love, a Horse will have better luck in love if they try to find a partner of a compatible sign. So you will have the best chances in a relationship with a Dog, Tiger or a Snake. If you want to take a chance dating a Dragon or a Rooster, it might last for the short term, but there won’t be any long-lasting connections there. To spare yourself some heartache, don’t try to date someone who is a Rat or Monkey. You’re just not compatible.

Of course, love isn’t the only thing you might be interested in for 2014. Your health should be stable for most of the year, but you may want to watch out for injury during the second half of 2014. Take extra care when driving or playing sports towards the end of the year. When it comes to money, it can be a good year for wealth. Just don’t take any chances with risky investments, though you can have a bit better luck that way as the year is coming to an end. Though money will come easily, your career can be difficult. Watch out for competition and be patient for the right opportunities to come your way.

Sheep or Ram

The next sign is the Sheep, and if this is your Chinese zodiac sign, you can expect a year of work ahead of you. There is going to seem like too much to do in too little time, so you have to learn how to prioritize and keep your schedule straight. You’ll do well at work as long as you keep a low profile and stay humble about your accomplishments. Don’t plan on any big promotions this year either. In terms of your health for the Year of the Horse, you can expect a number of smaller illnesses throughout the year but nothing too serious.

For 2014, your existing relationships should continue successfully, and it can be a very good year for female Sheep looking for a partner. Connections through parents can be helpful when looking for a new mate this year, so see if they can help you meet someone new.


Anyone who is a Monkey will find that work and business dominates 2014. You’ll need your Monkey flexibility to keep up with everything that comes your way. It isn’t going to mean a whole lot of extra money or advancement in your life either. It will seem like a lot of extra effort just to stay in place, but if you let any of it get away from you, you’ll start to see that things will quickly go downhill.

Unfortunately, 2014 just isn’t going to be your year for love if you’re a Monkey. Not only will your active work schedule get in the way of having a social life, there aren’t any influences in your future that will lead to much romance. If you are already with someone, then prepare to put a little extra effort into the relationship to help get through the year.


This is going to be a good year for anyone with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster. Expect lots of positives to take place in your life and some extra good luck through the year.

With a little extra effort, anyone who is a Rooster can find this year to be a great one for finances. Money isn’t going to be hard to find through work or even lucky investments, as long as you don’t overdo it and let greed take control of your choices. It’s also a good idea to build some solid relationships at work to ensure success in coming years.

Social contacts will soar during the Year of the Horse, but it may not lead to any romantic connections. For love, men will have a more successful year than women. Within existing relationships, there can be trouble for Roosters who find new romance elsewhere. A little self-control can be needed.


If you’re a Dog on the Chinese calendar, then 2014 will be a mixed bag of luck for you. It will make for a very unpredictable year at times, so be ready for anything. Overall, it should be a good year but you just never know what will happen next.

Your love horoscope looks pretty good though. It’s going to be a busy year for your social life and you’re almost certain to meet a new partner if you are looking for one. Already dating? Now is the time to take that relationship to the next level.

In your work life, look for some competition from one other individual who is after the same things you are. If you can win out against him/her, you can expect some promotions at work. Health can be a potential problem in 2014, specifically with a notable injury of some sort.


Most Pigs had a rough year in 2013 but will find much smoother waters in life coming up in the Year of the Horse. A new partner is in your future for this year, and it will be someone you don’t expect. Keep your eyes open and don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to love. Even if you’re not looking for a new partner, your social circle will start to grow as you meet lots of new people.

Take care of your health in 2014 as well. Illness is in the stars for you if you neglect your health. Your income is on the rise this year, from work or some unexpected source. Aside from this financial bonus, work is going to take all your energy and you should expect some career advancement before the year is out.


Are you born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat? Then, this is what you can expect in the coming year. Unfortunately, Rats do not get along with Horses which will mean problems for you all year long.

Starting with work, you will find some travel coming your way which may be literal or it might mean that you are going to be changing jobs soon. Of course, that might not be a bad thing so don’t worry too much just yet. Besides that, work is going to be heavy all year long with extra hours and stressful deadlines. Even so, money might still be short.

Sorry to say that your love life is going to be just as troublesome this year. It’s possible that you might meet someone in 2014 but don’t count on it. A few new friends may come your way, but that will be as far as it goes.

Ox or Cow

It won’t be the best year if this is your sign, but you will excel at work in 2014. You are going to get lots of great opportunities in your career and the chance to do very well at work. It may not be easy though so plan for some long hours. Your finances should be stable through the year as long as you don’t start taking chances with risky ventures.

Things are a little less hopeful in the love department for the poor Cow. New relationships are unlikely, and you can have some rough times in your current relationship as well. Make sure you don’t do anything to make disagreements any worse than they need to be and have lots of communications to avoid problems. When arguments do come up, be quick to forgive.

There may be some travel in your future and that might lead to some injuries so don’t do anything to adventurous when you’re on your next trip.


This is going to be a very good year for any Tigers. You’re heading towards a position of leadership at work, though there is likely going to be someone unhappy with your advancement that might try to cause problems for you. Workload is going to be high but more income is going to go along with the extra hours. Unexpected bonus wealth isn’t in your future though.

When it comes to your love horoscope in 2014, things are just as rosy. Meeting someone for a long-term relationship is almost guaranteed and any problems in an ongoing relationship are finally going to get resolved (2013 may have been a tough year for this, so that will be a relief).

Take care of yourself this year and make sure you are getting enough exercise to keep your body in good shape. If you do that, you shouldn’t have many health problems this year, with either illness or injury.


Rabbits are going to enjoy the Year of the Horse in all aspects of their lives. Your job is going to go smoothly all year, with less stress than usual and no career problems. That doesn’t mean a lot of extra money though. You should still plan on watching your income carefully and save when you can.

You tend to be a little over-busy due to the traits of your sign, but you really have to get organized this year and manage your time better. Though this won’t apply too much to work, your social calendar is going to spiral out of control if you’re not careful.

And your love life should be just as successful as your career in 2014. Last year may not have been great for you, but you’ll find some love soon. New friendships are on the horizon as well. Just don’t force anything and these relationships will find you.


Dragons are usually very successful people but 2014 is going to be a challenge even for them. Injuries may come your way and there aren’t going to be very many lucky breaks in any other part of your life either.

Watch out for conflicts at work. Someone is out to get you, and is going to try and sabotage your efforts. On the more positive side, you’re going to meet someone who can bring some unplanned wealth into your life, but that is likely going to happen outside of work.

Keep your good friends close to you this year, and try not to make too many changes in any existing relationships either. Romance is not working in your favor and you probably won’t meet anyone new this year. It might be a good year to just enjoy some quiet time on your own anyway.


The last sign we mention is the Snake, and you can enjoy a good year coming up if that’s you. In your work life, you will see an improvement over last year but there won’t be too many big bonuses or advancements. Save any major changes or projects for next year. Just work hard and not be too free with your money for 2014.

Romance is definitely waiting for you this year, especially if you are currently single. Use your existing social circle to meet that special someone. Already have a love in your life? Things should go well as long as you don’t let your other social interests get in the way. If you are thinking about getting married, this would be a very good year to take that step. On the other hand, it can also be a good time to end a relationship that is no longer going well.

So that is the Year of the Horse laid out for all 12 Chinese zodiac signs. With a little warning, hopefully you can avoid any pitfalls that this year might bring your way.


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