Top 5 Chinese Food

Chinese food is not that complicated. Compared to the intricate cooking of other cultures, Chinese food recipe depends on the temperatures of the ingredients used, as well as the exact moment of the process of cooking. And most of the time, the dishes are commonly cooked in water and oil.

Aside from the Peking duck, there are many delicacies that the Chinese is known for. Here is five of the most well known Chinese food:

Dim sum

Dim sum is uniquely Chinese. Many restaurants and households usually have dim sum in every Chinese food recipe. Actually, dim sum is not only a dish, but it is a way of eating as well. In traditional Chinese cuisine, dim sums are small dishes served during tea time or snack time. They are commonly served in small portions, bite sizes, and with strong flavors. Chinese food usually comes in small bite sizes because of a Chinese tradition of not allowing knives in the table. According to Confucius, for a civilization to advance, instruments used for killing should not be present in the dining table.

Dim sums are mostly steamed, but the Chinese sometimes fry and braise them.


The Chinese practically invented the noodles. Marco Polo only brought them to Europe in the 13th century that’s why Italy also has them in their recipes.

For the Chinese, longer noodles mean longer life. This is the reason why in most Chinese restaurants, the cooks don’t cut the noodles, rather, they accommodate the length when cooking. Traditional Chinese way of making noodles is considered an art. It takes strength and expertise in pulling and whirling the dough in the air to stretch it. However, there are also available machines nowadays that use other techniques to make noodles.

In every Chinese food recipe, noodles are either ‘mien’ (egg noodles) or bijon (rice noodles). They are also served in three ways: in clear soup with meat and vegetables, with thickened sauce poured over the noodles and meat, and with meat but without sauce.


Aside from noodles, rice is one of the staples in Chinese food. Considered as a healthy food, rice is the most basic food not only in China, but the whole of Asia. The Chinese call it ‘fan’. Usually, rice is served in bowls with meat and vegetables as toppings.

Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest Soups

These are two of China’s most famous soups. The two main ingredients in the soups are usually simmered for many hours to get that tasty feel and thickened texture in the soups. Like most Chinese cuisine, lettuce is used to complement the main ingredients.

Bean Curd

Another common Chinese dish is bean curd. It is processed from soybeans, which is a prominent agricultural product in China. Bean curd usually accompanies original Chinese meals, more like a side dish.


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