Traditional Chinese Wedding Candy

Candy plays several small but essential roles in any traditional Chinese wedding. Typically, candy is exchanged between the families as a traditional symbol of happiness and fruitful offspring. Wedding candy is also often handed out or displayed at the reception feast, or offered as a wedding favor to the guests.

The most traditional type of wedding sweet is a hard peanut and sesame candy. Peanuts are associated with virility and are a lucky gift for a new bride and groom to have a large family. Usually, two packets of peanut and sesame candy are exchanged between the couple’s families on the morning of the wedding for good luck.

Many modern couples also choose to incorporate candy into their receptions, as either a party favor or table decoration. Traditional Chinese wedding candies are wrapped in red papers with the golden symbol of “double happiness” displayed on each one. Sometimes, the sweets are placed into larger containers of different shapes, like traditional glass vases, which make great table decorations, or more offbeat styles like Chinese takeout boxes.

Another trendy way to incorporate sweets into your reception feast is to offer a ‘candy buffet’, where a large array of different types of candies is laid out on a special table for the guests to choose from. Finally, some couples like to personally hand out candy favors to their guests as a symbol of their appreciation for attending the wedding.

The type of candies you choose is not important, but it is always best to make sure that they are packaged in red wrappers. For a traditional Chinese wedding, opt for the conventional ‘double happiness’ candies.


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