Types Of Chinese Astrology Methods

Chinese astrology was an important part of Imperial Court life in ancient China. Astrologers were considered important officials who helped the Emperor make decisions in the administration of the empire. In the Forbidden City can be found Chinese astrology records that go back 3,000 years. They constitute one of the most important astrology records in the world.

There are different types of Chinese astrology methods that affect the individual person:

  • Chinese Horoscope. This is the most popular method based on animal signs. This method assigns a different animal sign for every year, which repeats in a 12-year cycle. Generally, it ascribes different characteristics to a person born under a particular animal sign. This method makes it possible to make a forecast of the coming years as well as the love astrology of each person based on a formula of compatibilities and incompatibilities between animal signs, the position of the planet Jupiter and certain elements of the “Purple Star Astrology System.”
  • Chinese Almanac. Based on the “Book of Auspicious Days,” this is based on a list of astrological information for each day of the year. Since Chinese astrology is part of everyday life, this book is consulted to guide everyday activities. According to this book, certain days are either lucky or unlucky for particular endeavors, such as starting a business, moving houses or getting married.
  • Purple Star Astrology. This method is based on each person’s natal chart based on the time, day, month and year of birth. Once prepared by a professional astrologer, it can be consulted at any time of a person’s life.
  • Four Pillars of Destiny. This method, like the Purple Star, is based on a person’s natal chart, called “pillars.” These are converted to the five elements using the Ten Thousand Year Chinese Calendar.


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