Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

The custom of giving wedding gifts is a good idea as these gifts help the newly wed couple to set up their home with contributions from all friends and family members. A special occasion, the wedding shower is arranged a few weeks before the wedding and all the invitees bring gifts, usually for the home. Almost anything and everything of beauty and utility is a good enough as a wedding gift.

It is the anniversary gifts that need more thought and attention. First of all, you must remember both the number of years you have been married and the date the marriage occurred. A third important thing to know is what to buy for a specific anniversary.

The traditional anniversary gifts by year include paper for the first, cotton for the second, leather for the third and so on. The fourteenth is ivory, fifteenth crystal, twentieth china, twenty-fifth silver and fiftieth gold. Of course, if your marriage goes to the fifty-fifth year you deserve emerald and nothing short of diamond if you touch the sixtieth mark.

However, you need not go by tradition alone. You can bring in innovations and variations in your anniversary gifts keeping in mind the basic material for the particular year. That will not only give a personal touch to make the gift more valuable, but will also show how much you care.

Always remember what not to give. Don’t ever give the practical and predictable gifts. A new hoover may be just what’s needed, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And, avoid repeating the same gift every year even if happens to be the favorite of your partner.

So avoid the practical and predictable, put a bit of thought into what you should buy, and the presents you give will add to the romance in your life.


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