What makes Chinese greeting cards unique?

It is probably hard to find a more economic and easier gift idea than sending greeting cards. Thanks to the Internet and the invention of e-cards, with just one click, your greetings and blessings can be delivered to your friends or families to every corner of the world in seconds. There are tons of websites offering free e cards, so you don’t even need to spend a penny on them.

A large number of the greeting cards sent are Chinese greeting cards. Both paid and free greeting cards are available. Interestingly, among the users of Chinese greeting cards, there are lots of non-Chinese. Some of them are truly fond of oriental cultures, while others just like the idea of having something different and unique. Then what makes Chinese greeting cards unique?

Chinese Symbols & Calligraphy

One of the must-haves on Chinese greeting cards, either in the form of paper cards or e cards, is the square-shaped mysterious Chinese symbol in some Chinese calligraphy style. You can imagine how delighted your girl-friend will be when receiving a free greeting card telling her “I love you” in a calligraphy style of thousands of years ago.

Chinese Arts and Crafts

No matter whether it is about an oriental girl or about a historical event, the Chinese painting brings oriental features to the greeting cards. The Chinese paper cutting does equally well to make them special and unique. The abundance and diversity of Chinese arts and crafts lead to myriad designs of greeting cards.

Chinese Patterns

Another characteristic of Chinese greeting cards is the use of traditional patterns. Examples are mythical animals, lucky symbols, and propitious signs. Chinese New Year greeting cards always contain one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (goat), monkey, rooster, dog, and boar (pig); Chinese birthday greeting cards often have the pine, the crane, or the peach-shaped birthday cake.

Chinese Music

A musical greeting card allows the selection of your favored songs or music to go with the paper or the e card. Isn’t it cool to add some traditional Chinese music like the “Butterfly Lovers”? It can be a breath of fresh air if you are tired of the noisy pop music.

Chinese Philosophy

As the source of oriental culture, China is the mysterious land where many ancient philosophers were born, such as Confucius and Sun Tzu. Their thought has not only been applied in business and political realm, but also printed in greeting cards. Sending a free greeting card or free e-card is like getting a free education.


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