What to Expect in the Year of the Sheep 2015

As we near the end of 2014, it’s time to look ahead to the next year on the Chinese calendar: the year of the Sheep. Sometimes associated with the ram or the goat, the new year starts on February 19th 2015. If that seems different from last year, it’s because the Chinese year is based on a lunar calendar, and the dates shift slightly every year.

People with the sign of the Sheep (birth years 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955 etc. based on Chinese lunar calendar) can have a turbulent year as the influence of their birth year and the current year can actually be in conflict. But no matter what your own sign is, you can get a forecast for the year to come. Find Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


Though 2015 won’t be a terrible year for Rats, there will be a few threads of bad luck woven through your life this year. Take problems with courage and do your best to learn from the experiences rather than let it escalate.

The area where you’ll see the most difficulty is in your love life. Problems, tension and conflicts are going to be ongoing. Do your best to work through it. Many of these problems will actually come from outside the relationship, but influence it anyway.

Even with a few bumps through the year, your overall outlook for money is great. Finances will be abundant even though things seem to stagnate at work this year. Your passion for your job will seem to disappear and you’ll just be going through the motions. Even so, your earnings will be fine.


Sorry to say, this might be a rough year for everyone born in the year of the Ox. You’ll have to tap into the steady strength of your sign to get through it all.

Cut out all unnecessary spending and hold tight to your funds this year. A few unexpected problems are going to need money, so make sure you have it. No risky business propositions or investments whatsoever. Problems at work will be at your heels all year unless you can get creative to avoid them. Stay patient, confident and you should come out OK.

Single Oxes aren’t likely to meet a serious romantic partner this year, and those who aren’t single are going to struggle with many rough patches with their existing loved ones. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and let a mature head take control.

Not only that, your health may be a concern too. Careful not to let the ongoing problems wear on you too deeply.


There is definitely money in your future this year, but you will have to put in the hours to earn it. No free windfalls. Don’t celebrate too quickly though when you do see better finances. You should be saving this year and making frugal choices.

Family life should be nice and smooth, and a long-standing issue will finally be resolved in 2015. No major romantic changes are coming your way though. Try to be a little more social than usual and some of the new connections you make this year will really help in the future. You’ll be working harder this year for your career, so manage your schedule so that your other relationships don’t suffer. There is time enough for everything if you are careful.


The lucky Rabbit will have a very good year in 2015 due to the compatibility with Sheep. Of course, that doesn’t necessary mean a laid-back year where you don’t have to work. On the contrary, you can expect to see a heavier than usual workload in your career. The added effort won’t be in vain. You may not see the benefits this year, but you will certainly will by 2016.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of going into business for yourself, this would be the year to give it a go. Still expect a lot of work, but the luck of the Sheep is behind you.

With your time spent at work, your other relationships might suffer to try to lavish your partner with extra attention when you can. Besides that, your love life will be very positive this year. In fact, it might be the right time to make a serious commitment if you haven’t already. Alone right now? You won’t be for very long.


No particular surprises at work this year though you can expect a little competition to crop up to keep you on your toes. Don’t let it rattle you, and keep on putting your best effort into your job. A creative idea on your part might help you come out ahead. Your investments can see some unexpected gains, as long as you are careful enough to take advantage of a changing climate. When you see a moment to cash in, take it!

You might find yourself with a few strained family relations this year, and possibly some unintended distance from romantic partners too. It’s on you to get more communication going so that bigger problems don’t arise. It might be some added work that keeps you apart, but other obstacles might be involved.


2015 is not a year of rest for the Snake. You are going to be busy, busy, busy all year long. All that activity is going to show itself in all aspects of your life, not just work. Your job will have lots for you to do, there are going to be travel plans and you’ll be meeting new people left and right.

At work, focus on your colleagues and remember that team work is a big part of job success. Overall though, your career will move forward nicely and work will not have any major difficulties. A few additional money-making opportunities may crop up later in the year though.

For the single Snake, take advantage of your travels to meet someone new. If you do have a partner, don’t take them for granted. This may happen this year, so take care to stay appreciative of their love.


People under the sign of the Horse will have a fortunate year in 2015, but it will be quite busy at work. Sadly, it doesn’t equal much more money for you. Not only will you be busy, there will be some changes too. Transfers, promotions, and new responsibilities will be part of your work life this year.

Not much is going on in 2015 for a Horse’s romance, but at least there aren’t any disasters on the horizon. Family drama can start to develop, so keep a steady attitude and you can help keep everyone calm.

Though this is generally a good year for Horses, take care of your health. Physical problems could be an issue this year, so exercise and eat right even if you seem too busy for it.


Since this is your year, the sign of the sheep is the best place to begin. As we said, there can be a mix of good and bad luck for you in 2015.

For work and money, there will be unexpected bonuses but also unexpected pitfalls too. So when some extra funds so show themselves, put something aside for the inevitable crisis that will be coming up later. With some planning, you can ride out the problems as they appear.

This may not be the year for any new projects as the stars just aren’t going to help at all. If you really must launch something, take extra time to plan out all the details so you’re prepared for any problems.

Romance will have just as much volatility, with new relationships starting up or old ones finally coming to an end. If you have a solid partnership though, it will likely blossom and do very well.


Last year was heavy with work for the poor Monkey but that will start to pay off in 2015. Money still start coming in and you’ll see the fruit of your earlier labors. With some employment pressure off, you’ll find yourself with more time to try new things and spark some new ideas at work. Just don’t let others take credit for your work.

Generally, the stars are favoring the romantic life of the Monkey in 2015 and the easing up of work responsibilities can do wonders for your social life. This could be the year to meet up with a new romantic partner. Watch out for new love! But on the other side of the astrological coin, there can be some trust issues arise in an existing committed relationship (married or not). Though it might contradict your relationship situation, 2015 will be a good year to have kids.


The Rooster needs to expect the unexpected all through 2015. Change and unpredictability are the main themes for this sign. Expect to have plenty of travel (usually without much notice), especially for work. Though it may stress your personal life, rest assured that there will be further successes for you at work due to the travel and change you go through now. Take advantage of assistance from others when you get the chance.

Your finances may take a hit this year and some of that unpredictability we mentioned will show itself in investments or other business-related choices.

This won’t be a year for too many relationship upheavals, so your life should be relatively simple on that front. That also means that if you are currently single, don’t expect to meet anyone too serious either.

Accidents may plague you this year, so try and keep an eye out to stay healthy and safe.


Romance is in the stars for anyone born under the sign of the Dog. Single people should get out there and start to meet new people to spark a new flame. On the other hand, people already in relationships should work on those to build some trust and be more sensitive to their partners this year.

There will be some bad luck over the year for Dogs, but some sudden assistance from others will help bail you out more than once. If you are thinking about taking on new projects, work out a budget first to make sure you have the necessary funding. Your spending can easily get out of hand this year. Watch for a chance to do some new training at work to improve your skills, that will lead to some income improvements later.


The Pig is very compatible with the sign of the Sheep so this will be a good year overall for Pigs.

Career and work will go your way, and you might even see a promotion or boost in business by the last half of 2015. Keep an eye on the details though. Small problems will quickly blow up if you don’t catch them quickly enough. Money won’t be much of an issue this year, and you can expect some sort of bonus early in the year.

Romance can be quite a whirlwind for the entire year, and you might have more potential suitors than you know what to do with. If you are in a relationship, don’t let your eyes wander or you’ll end up creating unnecessary conflict.