Why learn Chinese?

The Chinese language is widely rated as one of the most difficult languages in the world. But still, more and more people start to learn Chinese. Why is the Chinese language getting so popular these days? In fact, people who learn Chinese have different reasons:

Business Reasons to Learn Chinese

  • I have Chinese partners who don’t speak English. I hate the awful translation of my interpreter and I prefer direct communication with my partners.
  • I will find a better job if I can speak Chinese. Many companies are expanding their business to China and many others are establishing business relationships with Chinese companies.
  • I have Chinese clients. Learning Chinese will help me understand what they are thinking and hopefully get more clients.
  • I am doing China-related industrial research. Most materials are written in Chinese.

Family Reasons to Learn Chinese

  • I adopted a Chinese girl/boy from China. The kid will love me more if I learn Chinese.
  • I have a wife/husband from China. It would be great for me to speak her/his language.
  • I have a Chinese mom/dad. She/He will not be happy if I don’t learn Chinese.

Other Good Reasons to Learn Chinese

  • I love Chinese culture. It is so mysterious and interesting. Learning Chinese helps me know the culture such as Chinese astrology, Chinese horoscope and Chinese zodiac.
  • I have a Chinese boss. She/He will be happy if I learn Chinese.
  • I will make a trip to China. I’d better know some Chinese words before taking off.
  • I am in love with a Chinese girl/boy. Maybe I can impress the Chinese girl/boy by speaking Chinese.
  • I think Chinese symbols are cool. I want a Chinese symbol tattooed on my back, so I want to know the meaning behind the Chinese symbol.
  • I love Chinese food and I often go to Chinese restaurants with friends. It would be cool if I order the Chinese food using the Chinese menu instead of English menu in the Chinese restaurant.


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